Welcome to our homepage!


We are the new, freshly elected student representative body (german: Fachschaftsrat) for the student body ‘international studies in engineering’ (state August 2013) and we would like to welcome you to our homepage! Currently things are still under construction and we are really trying hard to get things going for the new semester.

The old homepage which still contains some useful information can be reached at http://uni-due.de/isefs however any new content will be posted here.

Any issues / questions can currently be sent to emailisefs until our server is completely setup. You can also call us at +49 (0) 203 / 379 2886 however as we are not full time employees we aren’t always there to answer the phone.

We are having our next council meeting on Monday the 16.09.2013 where we shall among other things be planning the orientation week and trying to setup a working Fachschaftsrat so especially the newcomers for the WS (=winter semester) 2013/14 can receive the support they need.

Your Fachschaftsrat ISE 2013/2014!

Edit: Since our mail server is back online the contact email address has changed. Please use emailisefsinstead of the old one.