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I am the chairman of the Fachschaftsrat for International Studies in Engineering and am currently in my third semester for a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering.

Welcome all Freshers!

Keep in mind that tomorrow is the orientation day. It is really recommended that all new students attend this, as you will received detailed information concerning your studies and student life. You will also be given tips on who to contact if you need help for anything.

Date: 6th of April 2016
Room: SG 135 (campus Duisburg, Geibelstr. 41)
Time: 10 a.m.

Furthermore we should be hosting a first semester barbecue for you on so around 21.04, but we will keep you updated on this, so make sure to check back here! 😉

Until then, make sure to join our facebook group, since communicating with us and your fellow students is the most key to success:
Also make sure to like our facebook page:

Your student body representative council

Preparing for the upcoming Semester

The beginning of the new semester is drawing closer and with it are important events that you have to join. In order to keep in contact with you we are implementing a mailing list this semester and we urge all students to subscribe to it, if you would like to receive emails and notifications from us. Most of you should already be on the list, however should this not be the case, it is possible for you to subscribe using the following link:

Apart from that we recommend that you like us on Facebook and join our Facebook Group.

Finally make sure to be at the ISE orientation day on 14th October 2015, 10 a.m. in MD 162. This is an important event as it will give you an overview of this university and the most important things you will need to know for you upcoming studies this semester!

End of Exams Celebration


After weeks of hard work, sleepless nights and frustrating exams it is all coming to an end this week. To celebrate the end of exams we will be hosting a small event on Tuesday the 25th of August in the university party room (also known as the AStA Keller Duisburg, which is located in the basement of the LF building). We invite all of you to come join us and drink a beer / listen to some music and to relax a little.

Food and drinks will be provided, please join the Facebook event so we can estimate the number of people coming!

Our Facebook event:

First Semester Presentation

Here is the presentation which was held at the orientation event today 2015_03_31 – Introduction FSR.

As mentioned there will be a first semester barbecue, but the exact date has not been finalized. Currently it is planned to take place on the 23.04.2015, however one should please check our website a couple of days beforehand for exact details.

Also we would like to encourage you to like us on Facebook. We also ask you to join the Facebook group of 2014 as these are the people you are most likely to encounter during your courses.

If you have any questions feel free to visit us in our offices or contact us via Email.

Small mid-exam gathering

We will be having a small mid exam gathering for those who need a small break in between all the exam stress 😉

We will organize some beer and soft drinks so feel free to come by!

The gathering will be located in the AStA Keller Duisburg which is room LF 018.

Facebook event:

First official ISE Party!

Let’s party!

Now you have the perfect opportunity to go crazy one last time before christmas!

From House and Hip-Hop to RnB, we will satisfy everyones music taste!

The first 50 guests will receive a free Christmas hat!

Entrance from 10 pm onwards

Entry fee for students: 3 €
Entry fee for all others: 5€

So be sure to join us at our first offical ISE party! Everyone is welcome so bring your friends!


Jetzt wird gefeiert!

An diesem Freitagabend habt Ihr die perfekte Möglichkeit, vor Weihnachten, nochmal richtig Gas zu geben!

Egal ob House, HipHop oder RnB, es ist fĂŒr jeden Geschmack etwas dabei!
Kommt vorbei und feiert mit uns ab!
Die ersten 50 GĂ€ste erhalten zu unserer Vorweihnachts-Party eine WeihnachtsmĂŒtze gratis!

Einlass ab 22Uhr
Eintritt 5€, fĂŒr Studenten 3€

Also check out our Facebook event